It is a detox!

If you have decided to cut out most or all refined sugars the first few days are hell but it gets easier – REALLY even just cutting out dessert is tough. Truly it is detox.  Get through the first week and your body will not crave the same as before.  🙂  Someone mentioned something yesterday about the difficulty due to family and friends sending you comfort sweets from overseas (home) for the holidays.  This will be a tough one….  We will all have this issue especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas ahead.  This article has lots of good content. Take a look and at the end as it gives some good ideas to help you through the Sugar LESS process.


As follow up to yesterdays email here is an article from the NY times in regards to the intermittent fasting I mentioned in yesterdays email.  There are all sorts of articles out there but basically we all fast every night when we go to bed.  Our body needs this time and there are studies that prove we can benefit with a little more time without food (12+ hours).  Take a look and  do your own research about it.  I think the bottom line is that snacking after dinner does not help us-  Lets try to eat dinner earlier and not eat after dinner and see what happens.

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