Better than BREAD = BEETS!

I LOVE BEETS! I did not love them growing up but over the years I have developed a love for the flavor and a deep appreciation for all that they can do to help improve our health.  I make a beet smoothie in the mornings that I depend on to get me through my 3-4 hours of teaching fitness classes.  There are so many benefits from eating beets and I will continue to post about them but this morning I had the BEST breakfast and wanted to share.

I roasted several chioggia Beets last night so that I could have them on hand with the idea to use them in place of bread.  I LOVE avocado on toast but I’d much rather eat something that contains more nutrition and that is not processed.  The trick is having it ready and on hand.  Roasting the chioggia beets takes about 20 minutes @ 400 degrees fahrenheit.  You can store them in the refrigerator for several days and even freeze them w/ wax paper in-between.  The do not disappoint and your body & mind will thank you!  You can use any kind of beets but I recommend the golden and Chioggia if your using as a bread replacement as they are less mess and will not stain your fingers and clothing.


1 inch thick sliced  beets (roasted w/ a little olive oil)

1/4 – 1/2 avocado

1-2 eggs (scrambled or fried)

dash of salt and pepper

TIP:  Roast your beets ahead of time and in the morning you can throw them in your toaster oven to warmup.


3 thoughts on “Better than BREAD = BEETS!

  1. cousinem

    I don’t eat bread, so love the idea of using beets! You make it look so easy … looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for the inspiration!

    – Em

  2. cousinem

    I don’t eat bread, so LOVE the idea of a beet sandwich! You make it sound so easy … looking forward to giving this a try. Thanks for the inspiration!


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