Sweet Mango

Eating Mindfully means eating REAL.  We are a society surrounded by processed treats full of sugar and ingredients we can’t even pronounce.  As a result we MUST make an effort to step away from the packaged convenient foods.  Eating out of packages will only set us back from reaching our goals of better health, more energy, and ultimately feeling our best.  I have 3 kids so I totally get that it is a struggle – They all have a sweet tooth, they enjoy processed treats, and love FRUIT SNACKS.  I do however make a point to limit the amount and do my best to introduce them to amazing flavors that come from the earth.  LIKE MANGOS!

There are many reasons to incorporate Mango into mindful eating…  On top of being delicious they have so many nutritional values.  Here is a great article that explains 10 health benefits of Mangos.  My favorite way to enjoy mango is fresh all by itself… Nothing more needed it is a prefect TREAT.   Next time you or your kids want a treat slice up a fresh mango and enjoy!

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