There are all sorts of opinions, research, articles, etc. out there but basically we all fast every night when we go to bed.  Our body needs this time and there are studies that prove we can benefit with a little more time without food (12+ hours).   I think the bottom line is that snacking after dinner does not help us reach our goals, our sleep is not improved, we most likely are never excited after we raid the refrigerator at 10pm, and we don’t wake with more energy.   There are so many different levels of fasting and I do not claim one is better than another.  I simply feel like we all know our bodies, our minds, and our habits and therefore we can benefit from researching and finding what works best for each of us.   Below are a couple articles that might inspire you to go just a little longer between dinner and your next meal.  Being mindful of when and why we eat will only help us feel better and just possibly help shed a few extra pounds.
Do your research and maybe skip your late night snack tomorrow.

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