May Day – The Forgotten Tradition

Happy May Day!  I remember as a kid May Day meant dropping flowers off on someones porch then running.  I grew up in the country so this meant running through the woods to my Grandma’s house and hope that her many dogs did not hear me.  I LOVED this tradition and although May Day is truly a International Workers Day and a celebration of Spring I think this tradition is fresh, sweet, and a great thing to bring back.  Most holidays the focus for our kids can tend to be about getting lots of stuff- presents, candy, sweets, etc..   May Day is a fun way for our kids to give something without receiving recognition but rather just feeling good for doing a kind deed.

Run out to your yard and pick some fresh flowers or stop by the store and grab a couple bouquets…  Ding Dong Ditch your neighbors, friends, and family and instead of just running leave a flower or something special!  It feels good and the kids will LOVE it!


The May Day Forgotten Tradition

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