The Carrot!

Many people have asked me, “why Mindful Carrot?”  I decided it was post worthy.  Check out the page on my website which further explains.  Here’s a little more!  I hope that you are inspired and reminded you can reach your goals with time and effort.


carrot stick

My motivation for the “carrot” came after dissecting the carrot and stick theory.  I see the carrot as the motivation for our actions.  We all have goals and a vision of where we want to be with family, work, fitness, peace, etc. – THIS IS OUR CARROT… What motivates us.

Its easy to lose sight of our “carrots” amongst the chaos and rush of life but that is where “mindful” comes into the picture.  If we slow down and think mindfully about each choice with our “carrots” in mind we will naturally make better choices.   Like the compound effect, change will happen over time.  The accumulation of mindful attention and effort in the right direction will bring us closer to our goals.    Chase your carrots friends– Good things ahead!

2 thoughts on “The Carrot!

  1. Chiyoung

    Good posting.
    Keep in mind your word, and chase my ‘carrot’.
    I “will” wear my pants which I used to wear before delivery 🙂

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