Day 1: Common Names For Added Sugar

Be sure to check labels!   Count your grams for added sugar today.  Or go without any?  Take that Before photo and or step on the scale this morning – you can email it to me through the Email Page, comment below, or send it off to a friend…. Accountability will help!

17 thoughts on “Day 1: Common Names For Added Sugar

  1. cousinem

    Helpful list!

    My rule of thumb is generally not to have anything with sugar in the first five ingredients. (Although sometimes it can be the second or third ingredient but amount to less than a gram of sugar. 😏)

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  2. Kelly

    I try to stay away from the substitute sucrolose as well as it spikes the glycemic index more than sure something like Stevia or Swerve.

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  3. Kristin R

    Day 1 complete! Eliminated sugars today and completed the planks. Thanks, Sierra, for creating a platform to help hold me accountable. I am excited to watch the next 30 days unfold!

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  4. Sierra Lavelle (Mindful Carrot)

    Great job Kristin! I’m excited to see how much lifestyle change we can make as a group -The next 30 days are going to be GREAT! I know that when I cut added sugar out of my diet my mind feels completely different- its something I want everyone to feel. I love that you are on board!


  5. cousinem

    Not really. I just completely cut out flour and sugar, which pretty much means unprocessed foods. (I do eat vegetarian protein products though.) For me, simple works best.


  6. Cicely Branson

    Does Stevia work for a sweetner for coffee? Or a sugar free creamer. I might just go with tea. I like passion Starbucks tea. I did see fruit juice as a sweetner on the teabag package. Also is this okay? [Image]

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  7. cousinem

    Or should I say unsweetened. In any case, I’m talking about the prepared tea Starbucks sells, not the teabag.


  8. Sierra Lavelle (Mindful Carrot)

    Stevia is a great sweetener. I prefer the liquid form for my coffee-I feel like it isn’t as bitter but thats just my opinion. I would avoid the sugar free creamer as it has chemicals and artificial sweeteners that we should really avoid. RE: the tea Ask the people at the counter as they have all the nutrition facts available. I’m guessing if its a tea bag there shouldn’t be any added sugar but if its a packet then beware. 🙂

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