Fathers Day- A mindful gift that the entire family will enjoy.

Fathers day is almost here and if your like me trying to figure out a fun gift, for the Dad in your life, can be kinda tough.  I’ve been trying to avoid buying “stuff” that just sits around.

I have an idea for you!   It’s a Soda Stream:  A SPARKLING WATER MAKER.  I use mine at home EVERY DAY.  It ranks in the top 3 of my FAVORITE kitchen gadgets.

Several years ago my husband and I drank diet coke daily.  I knew it wasn’t a good habit but felt like it was a “treat.”  After La-Croix came out we transitioned to this as I realized it wasn’t the flavor of diet coke I enjoyed… It was the carbonation.  Case after case of La-Croix got old and I heard about this device.. The Soda Stream!  It makes top 3 favorite gadgets in my kitchen for these reasons:    1.  less waste ( no more cans and bottles) 2.  Less cost (The cost for the cartridge is about $13-$15 and lasts a long time)  3.  You can control the carbonation  4.  Our kids don’t drink juice anymore- they love the carbonation  5.  Cocktails!  6.  We drink more water at home.

Since we purchased a soda stream I have also gifted this to my husband for Fathers Day (a few years ago) for his office, my Mom, and several friends!   I highly recommend this product- It will encourage you to drink more water, save money, and help keep you and your kids away from soda.

Bed Bath and Beyond carries the refill cartridges so be sure to save the 20% off coupons that float around in the mail and newspaper.

Ditch the idea of chocolate and grilled hot dogs for Fathers Day-  We can do better!

Cheers to gifts that help make us healthier!




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