Move a little Side to Side and close the kitchen after dinner

2 new challenges this week.  If you are following our 4 week challenge  we are in our third week.  If you are just learning of the challenge you can join in at anytime but you may want to go back to week 1 and start there.   With the progression of 2 new challenges each week my intention is that you do not feel overwhelmed with change but can adapt gradually.  The only cost is your time and effort and the return is priceless.

Week 3 Daily Challenges (Starts Monday June 11)

  1. Reduce or eliminate added sugar and no refined carbohydrates.
  2. Plank Challenge (4 min)
  3. Be Mindful Of Your Calories
  4. Get Sweaty
  5. No snacking after dinner- close up the kitchen!
  6. Move Laterally ( incorporate 20 minutes into your 30-60 minutes of your “Get Sweaty” routine- try this 20 minute workout I made for you)

This challenge is about taking a mindful approach to becoming more fit.  I’m guessing  the toughest part of last week was finding the 30-60 minutes for YOU.  We all know that  exercise is necessary- like brushing your teeth and taking a shower, it is something that we NEED to do.  We can go without it but we start to feel it after while- like missing your shower after a long work day!   Movement is just as important and the endorphins we get from it will help us DO BETTER.    This is not a 4 week diet, it is a lifestyle change that will get easier with time.  With the exception of no refined carbs I’m  challenging you to do things that are recommended for ALL of us by very reliable sources.  Things we know we should be doing– Now is the time to stick with it.

Back to our new challenges –

1.  NO after dinner snacks-  stay out of the kitchen after dinner (try to have dinner at least 4 hours before going to bed)…  No snacking!

There are all sorts of opinions, research, articles, etc. out there but basically our bodies “fast” every night when we go to bed.  This time of no food gives our body a little R & R.  There are studies that prove we can benefit with a little more time without food (12+ hours).   Snacking after dinner does not typically help us reach our weight loss goals and our sleep is not improved.  We most likely are never excited after we raid the refrigerator at 10pm, and we don’t wake with more energy.  This week’s challenge is simple- The Kitchen closes after dinner.  Those extra calories are most likely not necessary and you’ll sleep better.  If you work a graveyard shift you’ve got to be creative w/ when this can apply to your schedule.

 Thats it- give your body a little rest while you sleep.

2.  Add 20 minutes of lateral movement to your “Get Sweaty” routine.

We know that moving more is important but HOW we move can make all the difference in how we age.  I made a blog post about lateral movement several weeks ago titled, “Think Laterally.”   Those of you who attend my fitness classes know how passionate I am about this concept which is why I’ve chosen to include it into the Get Fit For Summer Challenge.

We spend much of our day sitting, walking, biking, jogging, running, climbing stairs and if our day includes a gym workout maybe some squats, lunges, pushups, pull-ups, cardio on the elliptical machine, etc..    What do these positions have in common?  They are all in a forward or backward motion and lack lateral movement.  This repetition can result in a body that is impaired and imbalanced in the ability to move in all directions.

LADIES- The plus side to this lateral movement is that  it will help develop a beautiful and strong BOOTY!  

My hope is to inspire everyone I know to move a little more mindfully to help prevent some of the common knee and hip issues that can develop as we age.

click HERE for the video I made for you!  It’s only 20 minutes 🙂

Week 3 is on!  If you are tracking your weight step on the scale again tomorrow morning.  Please comment below w/ your progress and how your feeling- I want to hear from you even if its just a thumbs up or down!  Accountability and support is one of the best motivators and we can all help encourage one another.  I’ve received GREAT reports from many of you – KEEP IT UP!



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