Veggies, Push-ups, & Abs Oh MY! Get Fit For Summer Challenge: Week 4

We have reached the last 2 challenges for our Get Fit For Summer challenge!  If you are following our 4 week challenge  we are in the forth & final week.  If you are just learning of the challenge you can join in at anytime but you may want to start with week 1 and progress from there.   With the addition of 2 new challenges each week my intention is that you don’t feel overwhelmed with change but can adapt gradually.  The only cost is your time and effort and the return is priceless.

Week 4 Daily Challenges (Starts Monday June 18)

  1. Reduce or eliminate added sugar and no refined carbohydrates.
  2. Plank Challenge (4 min)
  3. Be Mindful Of Your Calories
  4. Get Sweaty
  5. No snacking after dinner- close up the kitchen!
  6. Move Laterally ( incorporate 20 minutes into your 30-60 minutes of your “Get Sweaty” routine- try this 20 minute workout I made for you)
  7. Focus on eating more VEGGIES! More than last week 🙂
  8. Push up & AB Challenge (8 min) added to your now 60 minutes of exercise.  Check out this video I made for you.

This challenge is about taking a mindful approach to becoming more fit.  I’m guessing  that  finding the 30-60 minutes for YOU as well as staying on track w/ your nutrition goals is still tough.  Week 4 is about redirecting your focus and reminding yourself why and what changes you want to make.  This desire is your carrot- what motivates you.  You can  get closer with small steps, effort, and focus.  Enjoy every moment as you take these steps towards better health.  This is much more empowering than waiting to do better on another day.  This is it!  We have one life, one day at a time, so get after it friends!

Week 4:  New Challenges


We know how good vegetables are for us.  They are full of nutrition, antioxidants, fiber, low calorie, and can help prevent chronic disease.  If you are not a big veggie fan its time to get creative and try some new recipes.  Unlike many trends, the trend for increasing the amount of veggies we eat will not end.

I LOVE vegetables..

I love them more than rice and pasta and its not because they are better for me.  I love them more because I have spent years experimenting with flavors, recipes, and combinations that my taste buds LOVE.  This takes time and effort but getting to the point of craving a bowl of your favorite veggie sauté instead of pasta or rice is a great place to be.

Imagine your favorite pasta, rice, or meat dish then bring those flavors or spices to your veggies!   If you are a veggie fan already its time to branch out and enjoy some different colors on your plate.  You may have seen my veggie prep video but check it out here.  I hope your inspired to prepare your veggies ahead of time so that you can enjoy them all week long.  While its easy to stick to one vegetable try to change it up and get colorful.  You will get more nutrition that way.

Thats it –  Eat more veggies, get creative, think colorful, and enjoy!

*My favorite way to add flavor in a hurry is to saute w/ a little olive oil, ginger, braggs and naked peanut butter.  The icing on the cake is to drizzle a little sesame oil over the top!  It is mouth watering good!  A must try – sesame oil can add such flavor to your veggies and it takes only a very small amount.  I’ve shared this recipe before but here is my favorite broccoli recipe.

2.  Push-up + Abdominal challenge (10 min). 

With the addition to last weeks challenge, “Think Laterally.”  our  “get sweaty” routine is now closer to 60 minutes.  Click here for week 4’s new challenge:  the 8 minute push-up and abdominal challenge.   This challenge is to be included into your 60 minutes of daily exercise.  With all the physical challenges of the past 4 weeks we now have a great comprehensive, do anywhere workout.  If you already have a good 1 hour get sweaty routine thats GREAT!  Keep it up but be sure that it includes plank and lateral movement.

Week 4 is on!

If you are tracking your weight step on the scale again tomorrow morning.   I’d love to hear from you even if its just a thumbs up or down!  Accountability and support is one of the best motivators and we can all help encourage one another.  I’ve continued to receive GREAT reports from many of you – KEEP IT UP!



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