I’ve been using these silicone pops for years!  My favorite recipe is so simple:  Leftover smoothies…  Make a little extra smoothie or if you have any leftovers (my youngest usually drinks half of hers then saves the rest so she can make a popsicle for later) all you have to do is pour it in and freeze!  A perfect cool treat for everyone that is environmentally friendly- You can use them over and over.

Some recipe ideas to keep you cool and satisfied this summer!

  • Pulse plain yogurt and fresh fruit in blender w/ a splash of honey or stevia to taste.  This is like an ice-cream pop!  Your kids will LOVE these.
  • Leftover smoothies – any kind!
  • Beet smoothie pops-  These are so good frozen!
  • My favorite Protein smoothie
  • Frozen Juice (real juice without added sugars of course)
  • COFFEE…. blended with milk (any kind), cocoa nibs, and stevia to taste!  I use the blender as I like the cocoa nibs to be a little smaller.

Stay cool and enjoy!


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