It’s August 1st today!

I’m always inspired by the first day of each month.  August feels a little more “special” to me than July because it is the LAST MONTH of summer!  Kids will be heading back to school soon, traffic will get worse, and our routines will become a little more normal.

I just want to remind you all how special this time of year is.  Embrace the sunshine, time with family (even if it gets chaotic), enjoy the late nights, eating on the go, the travel, and all the other things that August brings your way.  It will change soon and as much as “routine” can be great for your fitness and nutrition goals, the lack of routine can also be a great challenge for us.

Be creative this month and don’t wait until September to start working out or eating better.  If we can end August strong it will give us the opportunity to CRUSH September with our fitness and nutrition.  🙂   Don’t wait…  Eat, Sleep, and Exercise well this month!


Some of my favorite past blog posts that you might want to revisit!

If you need a good meal replacement or post workout meal try my favorite (non fruit) smoothie.   It is so good and any protein powder you have hanging around will work!
For an even healthier choice try my Beet Smoothie.   This one is full of nutrition-  You may try it and think its too “earthy” but the taste grows on you and the energy and nutrition you gain is so worth it. Remember you can add more fruit if you need more sweetness.
For a quick cardio and strength workout you can do anywhere try this 10 minute GET SWEATY routine.  If your traveling, at home with kids, or just don’t have time to get to the gym – this one is perfect!  It is ONLY 10 minutes and you can repeat it  2-3 times for a great calorie burn and strength workout.
For a delicious breakfast (or even lunch) try my chia & oats recipe.  This is a winner for so many reasons.  You can customize it based on your preferences.  I encourage you to make this for your family members to try.  If the kids can help decide what kind of fruit and flavors to add they just might be up for bringing it for school lunches.  Its so easy to make, so full of flavor, and nutrition.  You can make enough for everyone in the family in a matter of minutes. My husband takes these to work in the morning – so easy & you just Grab and Go!
These are just a few reminders of some mindful ways to stay on track in August despite the change in our normal routine.  Enjoy all that August has in store for you.
Happy August 1st!

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