WEIGHT LOSS- You Eat Healthy, Exercise, But Your Not Losing Weight? A Little Portion Control Might Be The Answer!

Portion size matters

I recently had a conversation with my class participants about eating healthy, portion control, and weight loss.  I was inspired to blog about it.  I feel like many of us are in this position. We have adapted to a healthy and nutritious diet, make it to the gym several times a week but cannot seem to lose the extra weight that is hanging around.  It is very likely that your portion sizes are preventing this change from happening.  Eating healthy has all kinds of benefits but just because something is good for you does not mean that you won’t gain weight if you eat too much.  Many things that are good for us also contain a lot of calories.  If weight loss is a goal then watching your portion size is crucial.

To help you understand good portion control be sure to read the back of labels and if you are buying things without a package or label:

1.  Thats awesome!

2.  You can always check the calories from your phone or computer.   Siri usually knows if you ask her. 🙂

You might be surprised by how little the USDA recommends one serving size to be. Over the years the serving size in restaurants and even in our homes have grown by more than 100% what it was back in the 1950’s.  In addition, so have our midlines!

See below for the USDA’s serving recommendations.

According to the USDA Food Pyramid:

  • A serving of meat is about two or three ounces, or about the size of a deck of cards. Serving sizes for other proteins would be two tablespoons of nut butters, two eggs, and one third cup of dry beans.
  • A serving of bread is equal to one slice of white or whole grain bread, one ounce of prepared cereal, or just one half cup of pasta, or rice.
  • A serving of fruit or vegetable is equal to one piece, one half a cup of chopped fruit or vegetable, or three-fourths cup of 100% juice.
  • A serving of dairy is equal to one cup of milk or one and one half ounces of cheese.
  • A kitchen scale is a great way to track your portion sizes.

Revisit your portion sizes-  It matters and makes a difference!

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