A Challenge To Move More And Eat Less Sugar This Holiday Season! Who’s in?

Starting mid-October I will be launching a new Challenge….

Many of you took part in my Holiday Sugar(Less) challenge last year and my Get Fit For Summer Challenge last May and I’ve received great feedback and a demand to do it again. Well, lets do it!

This challenge will focus on enjoying the holidays while we limit our sugar and focus on moving more!  Keeping up with exercise will help deliver endorphins we need to help fight the stress that can often show up this time of year as well as burn some of those extra holiday calories.  Limiting our sugar will help keep our cravings under control and our minds clear of what the holiday season is truly about:  Community, Love, Friendship and Family all coming together to celebrate our beliefs, our traditions, and sharing our gratitude for it all.

You can take this challenge on your own but I have a vision to make it bigger, better, and more successful. Let’s bring this challenge to your workplace!  Accountability feeds success and increases the FUN factor!  If you think your workplace would be up for this challenge email me and I’ll provide the details to get your group started.

If your interested in joining my FREE Holiday Challenge email me at sierra@mindfulcarrot.com.   Please feel free to share this post with anyone that you think might be interested- Lets see how much good we can do in the next 3 months.  The timing is perfect!  🙂




6 thoughts on “A Challenge To Move More And Eat Less Sugar This Holiday Season! Who’s in?

  1. Sepi

    Hi dear friend

    Count me in for this challenge. I’ll try my best❣️

    Love Sepi

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