Mindful Carrot?

While working on my thesis in college I spent a lot of time learning theory after theory to make sense of politics (or at least try).  The Carrot & Stick Theory stuck with me and I think about it often.  What motivates us?  Our carrots.  The stick is the driving force that pushes us.  Using this theory in my own life really clicked over the past several years but just recently even more so.  I teach fitness classes in my community and find myself thinking of this theory while I teach.  In my mind I’m trying to come up with things I can say to members to give them the motivation to work just a little stronger, a little longer, or with a little better form.  It has occurred to me that really it depends on the individual and that what motivates each of us can be so different.  If I ask them to think about what motivates them (their carrot)  maybe that will have more of an impact on them than simply telling them to work harder or telling them to try harder.   With this theory in my mind as I teach I feel like if I can inspire members to connect to their own goals the result will be a better effort.  The carrot….

One of my favorite words is Mindful.  It hit me one day as I was rushing through kitchen work, kids homework, and class planning…. I know we all have these moments of multi-tasking that it all the sudden feels like our head is spinning as we rush through the day but the result of this rush are more mistakes, we work less efficiently, and feel totally stressed out.  When I have these moments I try to ground myself and remember my travels and more specifically Africa Time – I did not appreciate it at the time like I do now as my perspectives were so different in that stage of my life.  However, the beauty of Africa Time was that it forced me to slow down.  If you were waiting for ride or someone to arrive 1 hour could mean 2 or even the next day.  I learned to just go with it but fast forward to 3 kids, work, and all the other things life brings its easy to lose sight of this calmness.   So – mindful has become my new version of Africa Time. If we can learn to slow down and think with depth (mindfully) about the choices we make we will naturally make better choices as well as do things more carefully without chaos- it helps us stay in control.  I’m hoping my blog will mindfully help you to follow your carrots. I’m sure that we will only receive better health and more happiness.  Mindful….