Crepes.. Good For You Ones

Crepes are such a great meal for the entire family.   The traditional crepe has refined flour, butter, salt, & sugar added to the mix.  I’ve been experimenting w/ crepes for years.  Growing up, my Stepmother made the BEST crepes.  I LOVE her recipe but have wanted to find a healthier version as my daughters and husband have them nearly every morning.

I’ve found the easiest, healthiest, and best tasting recipe.   With only three ingredients  I can make it in a hurry.  The recipe contains MILK, EGGS, & OATMEAL (blended).  Thanks it!  They are super fast, high protein, tasty, and loved by all of us!  The trick is what you put in them… I’m not going to lie, my kids LOVE something sweet in them.   We have detoxed from Nutella and syrups in the house, and are now enjoying fruit and honey on them.

The trick with these is to eat them fresh –  The moment they hit the plate is best!  I love avocado with a little honey on them (my girls think I’m crazy).  You can add things like cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa nibs, stevia, or naked peanut butter to the mix before you blend them to add a little flavor.

For dinner they are a great alternative to flour tortillas.  You can add a little cumin spice or garlic powder to the mix or fill with avocado and roasted veggies or diced chicken w/ curry spices.   Try making your kids a crepe quesadilla.

Crepes – They are something different and so good!

  • 1 Cup Milk (any kind)

  • 4 EGGS

  • 1 Cup Oats

a little oil (I prefer coconut oil)





Get Naked PB Powder and enjoy the fabulous taste of peanut butter with more protein, less fat, and fewer calories.