Get Fit For Summer Challenge DETAILS!

I’m excited to start this challenge together!  I was going to put together a group email but our group became so large that in order to keep things organized I decided to communicate via the blog for now.   I know that some of you are not doing the challenge but I’m hoping that you can benefit in some way while following our journey.

A little info about me and the next 4 months (just joking…. 4 weeks).  

I’m a certified personal trainer and have been in the fitness industry for 18 years.  I truly LOVE teaching classes and seeing people get stronger.  The thing is I’ve grown A LOT the past few years and I have discovered more of the “big” picture.  While exercise is so important and I love sharing it I want to do more which is why I started my blog and this challenge.

GET FIT FOR SUMMER will help us get fit but its more than that…  It is a way to get started doing what you have been trying to or wanting to do for years-   I’m hoping its that little click that will be life changing.


Here is a little bit of whats coming.

Each week we will take on 2 new challenges!  I will post the challenges on Sunday night to give us time to process and plan our week.  The exception will be that week 1 will start on Tuesday May 29th.  I’ll send out our first 2 challenges tomorrow.   We will begin our challenge with a focus on limiting the amount of sugar we consume.  Here are some links to my previous posts about sugar.   READ THEM 🙂

Some of you may have done the Sugar LESS challenge w/ me last year in November so your familiar w/ my passion for limiting the amount of sugar in your diet.  This will be an important focus in your life forever ( I hope).

How will we hold each other accountable?  

Several options…

1.  Take a before photo and after photo.  You can email it to me, keep it for yourself, send to a friend or partner.  Doesn’t matter but having that before photo can be super rewarding and inspiring.

2.  Take a picture of the scale Tuesday morning.  Just like the options above you pick what to do w/ it.

3.  Do both!  photo and scale.

4.  No picture or scale and just journal how you feel each week.

Some things that I’m passionate about in regards to fitness training and weight loss.

1.  I want you to lose body fat not muscle.  If you deprive your body too much (too few calories) you will lose weight but you will lose your calorie burning machine = MUSCLE.  Finding that balance is important and feeding your body with good nutrition will make all the difference in your results.

2.  I believe in lifestyle changes.   The challenges will be things that you can keep doing longterm.

3.  You are what you eat.  You can lose weight eating snickers and diet soda but our bodies, spirit, and mind suffer.  Nutrition matters and if we fuel our bodies with good stuff we feel better and perhaps even happier.

4.  You need friends, partners, and peeps around you that can help hold you accountable.  This is big… Tell your friends what your doing and let them join too or just ask them to hold you accountable.

5.  We all want to look a certain way but if we can make this weight loss journey more about living longer and happier we will have more motivation and drive to make change happen.

If you have friends/family that would like to join just send me their emails.  I encourage you all to make comments about the journey on the blog-  If we keep the dialogue going we can support one another better.
Thats all until tomorrow!

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